The Top Search Engine Giants like Google,Bing,Baidu,Ask and Yandex have secret snooping tendencies. These Search Engines Do not Ethically Respect your Privacy and often automatically makes your Profiling Once you begin using their Services.

How to Check GOOGLE Search Engine is Tracking you?

  • Simple, Go to and Search for Something
  • then RIGHT CLICK and COPY the URL of that Site,Paste it in new tab, you will see a Very Ugly & Obnoxious LONG URL (Site Address) that does not make SENSE.

But Google is TRACKING your visits and displaying advertisements from data collected from your search and click history.You can Block Tracking and Anonymize your Browsing Habit in Firefox Browser using Privacy Addons.

In this Informational Post, I will try to Give the List of Top Anonymous Search Engines that Respect Privacy and Do not Collect your Information

Searching on DuckDuckGo is completely anonymous.They don’t store any personal information at all. That’s their privacy policy in a nutshell.Other search engines save your search history. Usually your searches are saved along with the date and time of the search, some information about your computer (e.g. your IP address, User agent and often a unique identifier stored in a browser cookie), and if you are logged in, your account information (e.g. name and email address) like GMAIL and Android Smartphone.Top 10 Anonymous Search Engines that Respect Privacy Duck Duck Go

2. is a joint venture between Private Internet Access and GigaBlast. This search engine cryptographically protects your privacy. Private Internet Access is an award winning VPN service and has a proven no log policy. is a search provider focused on privacy and one of only a handful of search engines in the US that maintains its own index of over a billion pages. is IXQUICK GOOGLE ENHANCED VARIANT which delivers the Web results  generated by Google. This offers you the search results and search features you may have grown accustomed in Google Search Results.So In Nutshell it is was launched in France in February 2013 after two years of research and development.Qwant’s philosophy is based on two principles: no user tracking and no filter bubble.This Search Engine displays Web Results,Realtime News and Social Results against a Search Entry Made. Note that COLLECTS Information if you signup on their website and use service after logging in.

Swisscows is a Bing based web search engine launched in 2014, a project of Hulbee AG, a company based in Egnach, Switzerland. It uses semantic data recognition that give faster “answers” to queries. In addition, Swisscows does not store users’ data. Swisscows also deems itself “family-friendly”, with explicit results entirely omitted. The website’s servers are based in underground data centers under the Swiss Alps

6.Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is powered by, A Major Developer of Anti Tracking Addons and Plugins. You can Search privately using your favorite search engine: Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo in Disconnect Search. It masks your IP address, cookies, and other personal info. Flexible Search Options from 3 Major Search Engines.

Yippy is a metasearch engine that groups search results into clusters. It was originally developed and released by Vivísimo in 2004 under the name Clusty, before Vivisimo was later acquired by IBM and Yippy was sold in 2010 to a company now called Yippy, Inc.  Yippy’s main page states their searches are powered by IBM Watson, asserting it is “the right search” (italics theirs) that “delivers fair search results based on balanced algorithms.”

8.Gibiru Search Engine

Gibiru provides Uncensored and Unpersonalized Anonymous Web and News Results.The SSL Certificate is Self Signed and May Generate Error While Accessing Website.Gibiru has its own robots that crawl less mainstream websites, sites that tend to promote “alternative” views from mainstream. Because Google and Bing crawl Lamestream media at infinum, Gibiru does not waste bandwidth crawling these mainstream sites however their content is still available through web search and HTTPS encrypted web search.

Lukol is anonymous Search Engine that does not Offer SSL Options and it is Proxy Powered Google Search Engine and is Less Reliable than top 5 Anonymous Search Engines.

10.Infinity Search

Infinity Search is an open source search engine with a special focus on privacy and efficiency. Our goal is to make the way you navigate the web a premium and customizable experience


Oscobo is a UK-based company founded by two guys who left their corporate jobs to work towards a belief they both shared – that personal data should remain just that, personal.It is commonly called as UK’s Private Search Engine and a new entrant to Privacy Ecosystem.

Qrobe brings together the best results from the best search engines, so you absolutely get the best results. They don’t try to hide (or claim credit for) where the results came from or change the sorting in any way

MetaGer protects against censorship by combining the results of multiple search engines. MetaGer is developed and run by our nonprofit organization, SUMA-EV–Association for Free Access to Knowledge. By using MetaGer you retain full control over your data.

Searx is a metasearch engine, inspired by the seeks project.It provides basic privacy by mixing your queries with searches on other platforms without storing search data. Queries are made using a POST request on every browser (except chrome*). Therefore they show up in neither our logs, nor your url history. In case of Chrome* users there is an exception, searx uses the search bar to perform GET requests.
Searx can be added to your browser’s search bar; moreover, it can be set as the default search engine.

Peekier (pronounced /’pi·ki·er/) is a new way to search the web. Peek through search results fast and securely on a search engine that respects your privacy.

Summary of Top 15 Anonymous Search Engine for Secure Browsing

Each of the above listed Anonymous Search Engines have enormous potential and will serve the individual requirement with varied level of satisfaction with regards to search quality. However, I have found and combo with Brave Browser to be useful. If you have any Other Anonymous Search Engine,  Please Tell in Comments Below.

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