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Science & Technology Current Affairs

Science & Technology has Always Been a Torchbearer of Development for Human Civilization.It has undoubtedly made Life of Homo-sapiens easier With Continuous Development.The Quests led by Inquisitive Mankind have transcended barriers beyond Outer Space.Rapid Development in Science & Technology is […]

List of Online Document Converters

Are You Searching for Online Document Converter Sites in order to convert PDF to WORD,Word to PDF,Word to Excel,PDF to JPG or any kind of Document Conversion Sites,I am Listing Here some of the Best Online Document Converter Sites that […]

Military Current Affairs India

All Military Current Affairs of India related to Indian Strategic Defense Forces like Field Training Exercises,Joint Military Operations & Missile Testing Military Affairs are Listed Below.The latest Defence Current Affairs related to Indian Defence Forces (Indian Army,Indian Navy,Indian Airforce & […]

How to Resize Images Easily in PC Using Irfanview

How To Resize Images Easily in PC

In this Guide,I will Discuss How to Resize Images Easily to Specified Size in your PC using Freeware Software.This Will Help you to Resize Images,Change Resolution and Color Depth and Export it in Various File Formats Easily without any Hassle.This […]

Remove Viruses from USB Drive without deleting original files

How to Remove Viruses from USB Drive

How to Remove Viruses from USB Drive Without Deleting Original Files Viruses are Malicious Programs that are Intended to Create Nuisance in the Wild.One such Problem we often face whenever our USB Drives like Pen Drives,External Hard Disks and Memory […]

Best Wordpress SPAM Free Plugin for Websites No Captcha

Best WordPress Plugin to Prevent SPAM

We all Hate despicable SPAM.We really get annoyed whenever we see any unwanted messages to our Email Inbox.It seems the practice of unwarranted intrusion by newer marketing companies and bloggers to spearhead Traffic and Clients often results into unsolicited replies […]